We develop in-depth knowledge of our clients.

The essential information for us is understanding culture, diversity, practices, compensation structure, growth history, national and specific market perception, reputation, and health and wellness—and those are the fundamentals we care about. We believe that regularly meeting with our clients is mutually beneficial so that the exchange of information is fresh and accurate.

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Confidentiality is paramount to our candidates

While we don’t practice law, we know the language of law

While we’ve cultivated and maintained thousands of partner relationships, the crux of our business is the continuous development of new relationships. Whether or not a partner is actively looking, there are generally are six issues that motivate partners to consider a move: compensation, rates, platform, support, culture, and conflicts. When we reach out to a partner, we are prepared to present a specific opportunity we are engaged on and discuss other firms we have relationships with that could be a better fit. We focus on putting ourselves in your shoes to save you the time and energy of evaluating opportunities.